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Museum Portugal is one of the most exciting and spectacular cities in Europe. It is one of the leading cultural cities of Portugal with a rich culture, tradition and heritage. This city attracts large number of tourists who visit Portugal to see its amazing monuments and museums. There are several places which are must visit for tourists visiting Portugal. Tourists can get lots of pleasure from exploring these magnificent cities. Here are some of the major attractions that you must see while visiting this beautiful city.

If you want to see some exotic paintings and sculptures then you should visit the Lisbon museum. You can see all kinds of collection of art works ranging from ancient to modern and everything in between. The Bento de Assisi (The Assisi Fountain), The Cathedral of Toledo and The Paseo del Merced are some of the important places that are must visit for a tourist while visiting Museum Portugal.

If you are interested in ancient history and you want to know about different civilizations then Portuguese Museum is the perfect place for you. This museum houses various artifacts and researches about different civilizations like Indian, Chinese and Roman. You can find some very old objects and some of them even have value. These antique items to give a very good touch to the museum. Portuguese relics give a very good idea about the Portuguese people and their civilization.

Museum Lisbon is another famous place which holds wide collections of different types of art. You can see some of the frescos which are very old. You can also see some of the beautiful paintings. The Portuguese church is the most attractive place where you can view the beautiful colors of churches. There is also a boatload of things to do in this city. You can go for horse riding, dolphin watching or simply spend some time in this city taking a walk in the heart of Portugal.

The Lisbon museum is one of the three museums of Lisbon. It is very well organized and designed. One can easily realize that the founder of this museum is Lisbon’s own Dr. Joao Silva. He was a very famous botanist and he used to do research on birds and insects of different species.

The museum displays all types of collections of flora and fauna. Most of the collections are made from natural objects. Therefore, you will really be able to enjoy these collections. Tourist from all over the world come to this city to see this place and its famous museums which hold much information about the history and culture of Lisbon.